Raising Consciousness for Contact and for the Future of Humanity – Sean McNamara – March 26, 2021 on ZOOM

Sean McNamara

LINK for registration:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boulderexo-20-sean-mcnamara-raising-consciousness-for-contact-tickets-144770355029 March 26, 2021  6-8:30 pm Participatory Zoom call Description: The phrase “raising consciousness” has gained traction in the UFO/contactee communities lately. But what does raising consciousness really mean? For Sean McNamara, several years of developing psychic abilities culminated in spontaneous contact with non-human entities. He will explain how…

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Remote Viewing and UFOs – Paul H. Smith – November 15, 2019

To misquote Churchill, remote viewing and UFO enthusiasts try to “explain an enigma by calling on a mystery”. People have eagerly flocked to the controversial military-developed, ESP-based tool of remote viewing as a way to explore what is now increasingly being referred to as the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) enigma.…

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Grant Cameron – October 25, 2019

BoulderExo 2.0 presents: GRANT CAMERON Manifestations, Apportations and Leaked Documents Friday, October 25, 2019 Grant Cameron will discuss manifestations (things that appear from elsewhere) and apportations (earthly items that move from one place to another). These events are common in the lives of UFO experiencers, psychics, and physical mediums. In…

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