Jacques Vallée & Paola Harris on TRINITY: THE BEST-KEPT SECRET

LINK FOR TICKET Breakthrough Research Reveals the Earliest Evidence of US Government’s UFO Recovery Jacques Vallée, Internet pioneer, computer scientist, venture capitalist, author, ufologist and astronomer, and award-winning UFO researcher, Paola Harris will share the insights and discoveries made during their years of researching and documenting the case of a historic…

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Raising Consciousness for Contact and for the Future of Humanity – Sean McNamara – March 26, 2021 on ZOOM

Sean McNamara

LINK for registration:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boulderexo-20-sean-mcnamara-raising-consciousness-for-contact-tickets-144770355029 March 26, 2021  6-8:30 pm Participatory Zoom call Description: The phrase “raising consciousness” has gained traction in the UFO/contactee communities lately. But what does raising consciousness really mean? For Sean McNamara, several years of developing psychic abilities culminated in spontaneous contact with non-human entities. He will explain how…

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Remote Viewing and UFOs – Paul H. Smith – November 15, 2019

To misquote Churchill, remote viewing and UFO enthusiasts try to “explain an enigma by calling on a mystery”. People have eagerly flocked to the controversial military-developed, ESP-based tool of remote viewing as a way to explore what is now increasingly being referred to as the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) enigma.…

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