ZOOM Presentations

We are having our monthly seminars on Zoom.  Two months after each presentation, we will upload the video here. Please join us for our live Zoom interactive seminars.

Jacques Vallée, Paola Harris and witness José Padilla – TRINITY: The Best-Kept Secret for BOULDEXO – June 4, 2021

Grant Cameron –  Contact Modalities and a New View of Ultimate Reality – April 23, 2021

UFO Contact, Raising Consciousness, Telekinesis, Remote Viewing, Psychic Abilities and the Future – Sean McNamara – March 26, 2021


Lights in the Sky – Krista Alexander – February 26, 2021

more info at: https://boulderexo.com/education/krista-alexander-february-26-2021-on-zoom/

Krista weaves in science, consciousness, mythology, scripture, physics and more while showing us incredible footage from orbs and plasma. You will be amazed at the colors and structure within the lights that have been captured on film!



Intelligence and Consciousness of Bigfoot/Sasquatch – Jim Myers – January 22, 2021

(more info at: https://boulderexo.com/et-messages/jim-myers/)

This was our first Zoom meeting video and is unedited, therefore starts with a couple minutes of setup. A few screens are also in gallery rather than speaker view. You can jump to the appropriate video locations as follows: Introduction: 2 min 36 sec Presentation start: 8 min 27 sec Presentation end / Q&A: 1 hr 51 min 25 sec End of Zoom call: 2 hr 30 min 10 sec

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