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Ryan Wood

May 24, 2019 at 7pm

Born in Maryland in 1955, Ryan S. Wood first became interested in UFOs when his father, Dr. Robert M. Wood, was engaged in deciphering the physics of UFOs while managing a research project on anti-gravity for McDonnell Douglas from 1968-1970 (Codeword BITBR). Ryan is now regarded as a leading authority on the Top Secret classified Majestic-12 intelligence documents, UFO crashes and military retrievals and specifically the 1941 Cape Girardeau, Missouri UFO Crash.

A frequent lecturer on the UFO subject, Ryan has taught college courses and made numerous presentations about UFOs to civic organizations and at ufology conferences. He has organized seven worldwide UFO crash retrieval symposia (www.ufoconference.com), each with their own conference proceedings. After attending presented a UFO lecture to a class on National Security Affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School that formed the basis of the final exam. He manages the content of www.majesticdocuments.com and along with his father was the executive producer of The Secret, a television documentary broadcast several times on Discovery’s Sci-Fi Channel concerning both UFO crashes a military retrievals and the authenticity of the Majestic-12 documents.


Majic Eyes Only posterMAJIC EYES ONLY

Earth’s Encounters with Extraterrestrials Technology…

A stunning treatment of the controversial subject of UFO crashes and subsequent military retrievals MAJIC EYES ONLY is the most authoritative and comprehensive chronicle ever published on the subject of worldwide UFO crashes and subsequent military retrievals from 1897 to the present.

The author guides the reader through seventy-four UFO crash incidents supported by compelling evidence in the form of official documents, eyewitnesses and in some cases physical evidence.


Boulder Exo presents various speakers along the UFO, extraterrestrial, multi-dimensional, and consciousness spectrum. These presentations are given in Boulder at the University of Colorado (CU) campus and are offered generally once a month.

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