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BoulderExo 2.0 on March 13, 2020

Intelligence and Consciousness of Bigfoot/Sasquatch by Jim Myers

In this presentation, Jim Myers will share with us that Bigfoot/Sasquatch, they are a people, like us humans, have families, feeding grounds, and are thus protective of their own kind. They are a very psychic and conscious species, are self-aware, and have self-identity. Their behavior, creativity, reasoning and emotional interaction with human species prove that we are all intelligent cohabitants of this planet. Furthermore, Jim will share their multi-dimensional / interdimensional existence and their possible relationship with extraterrestrials. Are they the true keepers of Mother Earth and an integral part of the Great Oneness? READ MORE + event details

Boulder Exo presents various speakers along the UFO, extraterrestrial, multi-dimensional, and consciousness spectrum. These presentations are given in Boulder at the University of Colorado (CU) campus and are offered generally once a month.

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