Sarah Breskman Cosme and JLF Sullivan – A Hypnotist’s Journey To Understanding the Atlantis-UFO Connection – July 30, 2021

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July 30, 2021

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Friday, July 30, 2021  6-8:30 pm

Sarah Breskman Cosme is a certified Master Hypnotist, a level 3 QHHT practitioner, a student of Dr. Brian Weiss, and the author of the groundbreaking book “A HYPNOTIST’S JOURNEY TO ATLANTIS.† Sarah graduated with a BS in psychology from Northeastern University. After graduating she worked at a halfway house for mentally ill patients. She saw first hand how the use of pharmaceuticals didn’t work as well as promised and went about searching for a better method to help people. She then discovered hypnosis, a method by which a person can make changes with the help of their subconscious mind.

Sarah began her unsuspected journey into the world of UFOs through regressing her clients with the use of past life regression hypnosis. Surprisingly what was uncovered was a new understanding of UFO crashes, the seeding of planets, and the understanding of who we really are and why we are here. “We are an ancient grouping of beings who have come from different planets and have continuously moved from planet to planet in order to see what the next and the next will be, to continuously evolve and to spread throughout the Universe, so that we may never be alone.â€


A woman with long hair and blue eyes.Author JLF Sullivan was first introduced to past life regression hypnosis in 2018 by chance after traditional medicine failed to cure a painful neurological disorder. Sullivan’s personal journey into the world of past lives and healing has been detailed in her recently published debut novel “Child Of The Universe.†Before her fortuitous encounter with the metaphysical, JLF Sullivan worked as a journalist in Europe and the Middle, and also as a non-profit community organizer and middle school teacher in the Florida Keys. JLF Sullivan holds a Masters Degree in International Journalism from City University of London and an MSc in Development Studies from SOAS University of London, as well as a BA from Fordham University in International Relations. Currently, she is working on her second book and developing a Past Lives Forum on her website to help connect those who have past life memories of their existences in Atlantis and Lymuria.

Friday, July 30, 2021  6-8:30 pm
Participatory Zoom call

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