Contact with Higher Intelligences-Phil Gruber




Beginning in 1987 and continuing to 2042, a complex set of shifts in the planet’s (and our) frequency was set into motion.  It is called the Stellar Bridge or Stellar Activation Cycle.

Humanity, the planet (and all sentient life here) are in the midst of changes so profound, so meaningful… It’s more important than ever that we fully understand our place in a vast cosmic order!

Contact with Higher Intelligence is far more prevalent than conventional or mainstream pundits would have us believe.  Contact is and has been initiated from a multiplicity of sources.

But just WHO is contacting WHOM…and WHY?

Please join Phil Gruber for an illuminating exploration into the phenomenon of Contact with Higher Intelligence, whether they are Extraterrestrial, Meta-terrestrial, Ultra-Terrestrial, Interdimensional, Trans-dimensional and Hyper-dimensional, or from our Past, Present, Future, Parallel Selves, etc.

There’ll be plenty of time for Questions and Answers!

Please join us!


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