Boulder Exo Mission Statement

Boulder Exo is an educational forum that exists to encourage awareness and discussion in the community regarding Exoconsciousness, Exoculture, Exopolitics and our multi-dimensional, interconnected existence by promoting exploration into the extraterrestrial presence in human affairs, its implications and related consciousness studies.


Boulder Exo was co-founded 2009 in Boulder, Colorado by Dr. Bernice Hill, Paola Harris and Candice Powers. Julia Steiner and Ross Locklear joined soon after to complete the board of directors that now stands. Since the time of our conception in 2009, Boulder Exo has been about sharing outside the box information concerning the greater universe in which we live. Our exo cultural-educational-political format is focused on evidence based phenomena related to the expansion of consciousness and, as the exo part of the name suggests, we endeavor to reach beyond the limitations of conventional beliefs about our aloneness in the universe. Though our name did not originate from, nor are we officially affiliated with the national group, Exopolitics, we nonetheless recognize their many contributions to the field and do offer support through our own category in relation to extraterrestrial contact on a global, political scale.

For over 60 years, the UFO National Reporting Center has documented tens of thousands of UFO sightings. Further demonstrating the reality of UFOs are the testimonies given by 400 military, business and industry whistleblowers in initiatives such as the Disclosure Project and the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, which both took place in Washington D.C., and many more multiple-witnessed reports continue to come forward from government and private sectors around the world.

Boulder Exo is about contributing to the expansion of knowledge in the field of extraterrestrial presence and contact while endeavoring to inspire continuing exploration of personal experience in universal consciousness.

Why Boulder Exo?

The world crossed into a new millennium in the year 2000, which, like the archetype of 2, as in together, signaled a new era of interconnectedness, cooperation and integration in a relational field of existence. This new era called to us to meet the demand of expanding consciousness being manifested so rapidly around us.

Science has come a long way in quantum physics to finally photograph light being a wave and a particle at the same time, paving the way for us to begin to imagine our evolutionary potential as conscious quantum beings existing in parallel multi-verses simultaneously.

Actual photo of light as a wave and a particle at the same time. Photo by EPFL, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne

Understanding the nature of being human means responding to the urge to go beyond our limitations and transcend our most firmly held beliefs, to be unceasingly open to connecting with the very essence of our true reality. In a world of massive sensory input, it’s not always easy to know where to start. The Boulder Exo journey began with curiosity and eagerness among its members to explore beyond ourselves in a co-creative community setting. It seems the very willingness and intent that manifested our little group is now developing into more like a living system whose energy flows through our network in the form of information and relationships like energy flows through a galactic spiral of harmonics. We can imagine every part, on every level, from people to ideas to timing and place, and more, as both particle and wave, co-creating in a marvelous field of expanding potential, but responding to the invitation to engage in the experience is why Boulder Exo is here.


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