Meet Your Star Family – Debbie Solaris – March 24, 2017

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Have you ever wondered if you are a starseed or originally from Earth? Do you know that you have starseed characteristics, but not sure which star system you are from? Are you looking to be connected with your star family? On the other hand, maybe you are curious about extraterrestrials from different star systems? If so, this class will answer many of your questions!

Join Debbie Solaris, ET Contactee, Galactic Historian, and Akashic Records Guide, as she takes us on a journey through the cosmos to be personally acquainted with our extraterrestrial friends and family! If you are interested in attending, chances are earth was not your first incarnation into a physical form and you have come here with special Starseed DNA and gifts to help this planet unify in its vision. Some topic of this BoulderExo presentation will include the following:

Some topics of this presentation will include the following:

  • Debbie’s ET Contact Experiences
  • The major benevolent star races (The Galactic Seven), as well as the Angelic Legions – the star system of origin, civilizations and culture, and starseed characteristics
  • The extraterrestrials and the role they have played in galactic and human history and in present times
  • The connection that Earth has to the Galactic Federation and its future destiny.

This is a special presentation not to be missed by lightworkers, starseeds, and all human beings aspiring to become true galactic citizens of the universe!

Debbie SolarisBIO:

Debbie Solaris is an ET contactee, starseed intuitive, galactic historian, and certified Akashic Records reader. After a fateful extraterrestrial contact experience a few years ago, Debbie awakened to her true starseed lineage and higher calling. Through her ancestral connection with the Akashic Records, she has been receiving downloads of galactic historical information and universal spiritual knowledge ever since. Debbie teaches classes on extraterrestrial life and culture, galactic history and ancient civilizations, as well as starseed and lightworker enrichment workshops, in the Front Range area of Colorado (

Wolf Law Building at CUWhen: Friday, March 24 th at 7:00 P.M. (doors open at 6:00 P.M.)

Where: Colorado Law @ CU Boulder Wolf Law Building | 101 UCB – Wittemyer Courtroom 2450 Kittredge Loop Dr., Boulder, CO 80309 (NE corner of Baseline Rd. and Broadway St.)

Suggested Minimum Donation: $10 at the door

For further information, please call: 480-888-5480

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