The Perfect Storm: Consciousness Science and ET Experiencers – Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD – Nov 20, 2015

The Perfect Storm: Consciousness Science and ET Experiencers

Rebecca Hardcastle WrightDuring the past 70 years, a global multitude of ET Experiencers awakened and matured through their contact. They became Exoconscious Humans. These humans identify with their extraterrestrial connections. They birth human psychic abilities, travel inter-dimensionally, and verify humans as a cosmic race.

As this awakening unfolds, consciousness science encounters ET experiencers. Consciousness science provides scientific frameworks, theory, and measurement. As the confluence of consciousness science and ET experiencers merge, a perfect storm of information exchange creates a new cultural worldview.

This perfect storm interaction affirms paranormal experience. The exoconscious, near death experiencers, mediums, psychics, healers, and spiritual join to pioneer a new consciousness frontier. This perfect storm interaction shifts our identity from alien abductees to Exoconscious Humans. This new human is aware of their extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities. This new human lives in and beyond their brain and body in the extraterrestrial consciousness field.

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, Ph.D., author, futurist and coach is the founder of the Washington, DC based Institute for Exoconsciousness. The Institute’s mission is to research, apply and live the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial experience. Rebecca authored Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. She teaches Exoconsciousness at International Metaphysical University. Rebecca was a member of Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s Quantrek international science team, researching zero point energy, the ET Presence and consciousness. and

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