Peruvian Contactee – Enrique Villanueva – Dec 18, 2015


Contact from Peru: Spirituality, Advanced Improvement, and Human Development ENRIQUE VILLANUEVA ~ Hypnotherapist, Author, Healer, Contactee, and Rahma Guide was born in Lima, Perú, where he had his first UFO sighting at the age of seven. In 1988, Enrique joined The Rahma Mission, a contact group founded by the internationally…

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The Perfect Storm: Consciousness Science and ET Experiencers – Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD – Nov 20, 2015

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD presents “The Perfect Storm: Consciousness Science and ET Experiencers”.
During the past 70 years, a global multitude of ET Experiencers awakened and matured through their contact. They became Exoconscious Humans. These humans identify with their extraterrestrial connections. They birth human psychic abilities, travel inter-dimensionally, and verify humans as a cosmic race.

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Event June 26: Travis Walton: A Fresh Perspective

Travis Walton’s incredible extraterrestrial abduction story has been the subject of books, television programs, a Hollywood movie and now an award winning documentary. During this BoulderExo event, Travis will share with us some of the details of these personal changes, along with a new perspective and understanding from his experience about life in the universe for all of us.

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