Dr. Dan Burisch

Dr. Dan Burisch, microbiologist, was taken into the “black ops” program in 1990. From 1991-1996 he was assigned to Naval Intelligence, with a link to the Defense Intelligence Agency. He served at Nellis Air Force Base at Area 51 and S4, (Nevada).

While working in area S4 he was asked to take tissue samples from a Zeta Reticular extraterrestrial (Grey) named J-Rod 52. His testimony is important for it opens the doorway to our realization of time travel and our satellite government’s involvement in back engineering the technology for this new field. It also points to one of the main reasons for the satellite government’s continuing caution about full disclosure.

Main points of Burisch’s testimony:

Three extraterrestrials were retrieved from a saucer crash which occurred in Kingman, AZ in 1953. One died, but another (named J-Rod 45) was sent to Los Alamos, NM. The third, (J-Rod-52) was sent to area S4 in Nevada.
These extraterrestrials claimed to have come from a base in the Aquarius Constellation (Gleise 876c).
The extraterrestrials said they were very old (45,000-52,000 years) and had come from our future. They had the ability to skip around through our earth’s time sequencing.

J-Rod 52 was an entity three and a half feet tall, with a large head and eyes, small mouth, long arms with four fingers on each hand. He was ill when Burisch began taking tissue samples (under very stringent, antiseptic conditions). These extraterrestrials were detained and contained (unable to de-materialize) with the use of high electro-magnetic fields.

Burisch worked with J-Rod-52 over a two year period. He learned that J-Rod’s race suffered from serious neuropath resulting in a bent spine, an inability to walk upright and great sensitivity to the cold.

J-Rod-52 spoke of a great catastrophe, which had occurred on Earth (the distant past to them, but in 1994 in our time). In their time line, the over use of stargates stimulated a massive series of sun flares, which, in turn, caused a violent pole shift and extensive movement of the earth’s crust. Many species, including humans died. Over the subsequent thousands of years, this great disturbance created a split in the remaining human population into J-Rods and Orion entities. The Orions gradually migrated to the Moon, to Mars and then to the Orion constellation. The J-Rods continued to use time-travel, eventually migrating to the Zeta-Reticuli constellation.

Now J-Rods and Orions have returned to earth to retrieve a genetic factor lost at that time. They call it “the joined resonance” factor. Desperation for basic survival led to the J-Rod-45s (earlier version of Greys) aggression in human abductions.

On one occasion, Burisch became entrained with the extraterrestrial’s thoughts. J-Rod 52 showed Burisch his family and son and conveyed his great sorrow in not being able to return to his home. When the satellite government decided to try to use J-Rod-52 to communicate with his home planet, they took him to a natural stargate that exists in Abydos, Egypt. Burisch pushed J-Rod-52 into the field of that stargate and he disappeared.

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